MC Cadenza Red

Moving coil phono cartridge

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Moving coil phono cartridge

"From the start, the Cadenza Red dispensed an air of calm. It was tonally neutral, with a smooth and natural mid and treble...
...Bass was accurate, extended and open-sounding, helping the cartridge's ability to offer realistic stereo perspectives...
...Sultans of Swing' became a well-balanced, truly rocking performance too."
Hi-Fi News, July 2012, Group test  

The Cadenza Red model is using a nude fine line stylus with a cylindrical aluminium cantilever. The stylus tip radius is r/R 8/40 µm. The coils are made from 6NX (99.9999%) pure silver wire. An improved winding process on the armature allows a better channel balance.

The sound picture of Cadenza Red is more relaxed, homogeneous and moderately dynamic in the perspective compared to the Cadenza Blue and has great space and depth in the stereo image.