Most forms of entertainment rely on technology as a central component. We provide simple access to steaming music, broadcast television, streaming services, gaming, music  and movie libraries, utilizing control systems carefully curated by Sound Room Custom.

Whole House Music

We provide the capability for you to enjoy music in every room in your house.  Whether you want to listen outdoors or in the bedroom, our whole house music solutions feature speakers, which are everything from invisible to high performance high fidelity speakers offering spectacularly real audio performance. Listen to music from your favorite streaming service like Spotify or play music from a stored music library.  We can even let you listen to a vinyl record all over your house or broadcast the sound from the game in as many rooms as you like.

Whole House Music System Benefits:

  • Music anywhere in your home. In one room, some rooms or all rooms at once
  • Simple control from tablets, smart phones, touchscreens, handheld remotes, and wall- mounted keypads.
  • Select music to play with the touch of a button. Simple access to all your music services
  • With centralized electronics you don’t ever have to see your technology
  • We offer a broad selection of discrete and sometimes invisible speaker solutions, so you never have to compromise your design aesthetic.
  • Different music in different rooms for different people or if you are entertaining the same music in all room for all the people
  • Integration of a high performance theatre or two channel hi-fi into the whole house system.

Whole House Video

Sound Room Custom can deliver video content throughout your home much like whole house music.  We can centralize you cable boxes and personal video recoders so every one can access and record their favourite TV shows on any screen in the house.  We can provide simple access with a tablet, smartphone, touchscreen or hand held remotes to streaming services like Netflix, download sites like iTunes or online content like You Tube.  We design our systems to support current technologies such as 4K/UHD and to easily adapt to future technologies as they be come available.

Whole house video benefits:

  • Personal video recorders for each family member to record their favorite shows to watch anywhere in the house.
  • Centralized electronics relocates the audio/video equipment so they are not visible in individual rooms.
  • When you’re entertaining, with a touch of a button, all screens can be showing the same content. Perfect for sporting events.
  • View surveillance cameras, access online content, view streaming video services, like Netflix.  Watch live television in HD or Ultra HD/4K anywhere in your home.
  • We can even provide video outdoors adding another dimension to your viewing experience.

Cinema and Listening Rooms

After dinner you feel like listening to your favourite Miles Davis LP, we can bring together the very best in high-end audio components to suit any room in your home.  An expertly set up turntable, maybe a tube amp and a pair of handcrafted speakers?  Or you feel like visiting a galaxy far far away.  We can design a cinema in your home superior to you local Cineplex.  4K video projection on ten foot plus screens brings you right into the action with stunning detail.  Multi channel sound capable of shacking you to your core, yet with delicacy and precision not normally associated with home cinema.  To insure the experience is at its pinnacle we provide acoustic treatment services, cinema furniture, interior design and lighting.

Cinema and Listening Room Benefits:

  • A room designed to let you and your family escape to the movies or to game the night away.
  • A dedicated space to relax and listen to your favourite music at the highest of fidelity
  • Isolated from the rest of the home so you can listen as loud as you like
  • We can combine these feature with a bar space, pool table making a truly fun room to enjoy
  • Watch your favourite sporting event with stunning clarity and amazing sound


Your home should invite and set the mood.  We can make this experience effortless.

Arrive at your home, the gates open and the driveway and walkway lights gently increase in illumination.  Upon entering the home the lighting is activated to a preprogrammed setting, the temperature is precisely controlled and monitored and the drapes are set to create absolute privacy.  Sinatra begins to croon and the perfectly set Jacuzzi is activated.  All you have to do is pour a glass of Chardonnay.

A lighting control system is an integrated network of dimmers, keypads, touchscreens, and mobile devices that provide easy selection of scenes, pathway lighting, and dimming levels throughout the home. 

Whether its making the architectural details of your space stand out or setting the write mood for a dinner or maybe a movie.  Lighting control enhances the enjoyment of a space.  Instead of multiple wall switches cluttering your wall we can replace it with one simple keypad.  Automated lighting can reduce you energy usage, too as well as increasing the life of the bulbs in the home.  Eliminate the need to check to see if you turned of the lights in the garage, we can build you a bedtime scene which illuminates only the lights you want on and turns of all the rest, plus the music turns off and all the shades drop down and all the doors lock

 Lighting Control Benefits

  • Enhances your living space.
  • Reduces wall clutter.
  • Simply creates the perfect ambience.
  • Reduces energy usage.
  • Extends bulb life.
  • Illuminate your entry using a mobile device.
  • One-touch control of scenes, pathways and landscapes

Motorized Shades Benefits

Motorized window treatments provide aesthetic benefits, energy savings, enhanced privacy and protection from UV rays. Motorization options are available for a wide variety of window treatments. Shades and drapes enhance the appearance of your home, adding the finishing touch to its architectural design elements. You can choose from a wide selection of beautiful fabric styles and colours created specifically for the interior design community. Motorized window treatments help to reduce energy and control solar gain. They provide privacy and help to protect furnishings, by filtering out damaging sunlight. You can combine a motorized shade and a drapery track for the same window, or use a dual roller shade to allow for the option of complete blackout or a sheer shade for a desired natural light level. The treatments can be automated based on time of day, occupancy, or sunlight levels. Motorized shades can slowly lower as the sun sets, accurately tracked for every season by an astronomic clock. They can be controlled from mobile devices or wall-mounted keypads or they can be integrated with a home automation system. So the shades could be part of a whole-house scene that turns off the lights, sets the thermostat, arms the security system, and closes all the shades and drapes. 

  • Enhances the decor.
  • Reduces energy consumption.
  • Increase security and provides privacy.
  • Protects art and furniture from harmful UV rays.
  • Near silent operation.
  • Convenient control of natural light from keypads, mobile devices, timers.

Climate Control Benefits

Climate Control insures you and your guests are always comfortable.  By control heating ventilation, air conditioning and in floor heating, we can allow easy selection of preprogrammed settings or on the fly adjustment using either a tablet, keypad or a mobile device.  With multiple sensor’s hidden throughout the home we can activate the appropriate service to insure all areas of your home are at the desired temperature and humidity.  We can also utilize geothermal systems to further reduce the costs and your homes carbon foot print. The climate control system would also work in conjunction with the motorized shades and lighting systems to achieve maximum efficiency throughout your space. 

  • Always insures a comfortable temperature and humidity throughout your home.
  • Simplifies and centralizes control of your homes AC, in floor heating and geothermal system
  • Reduces operating costs and your homes carbon footprint
  • Allows control through tablet touchscreens and keypad
  • Remote operation using most mobile smart devices and network connected devices