Also available with RoNt III Tubed Power Supply

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Also available with RoNt III Tubed Power Supply

"Over the past few years, Brinkmann developed the versatile Spyder, effected evolutionary improvements to our epochal Balance and introduced Nyquist, widely considered the world’s finest Digital-to-Analog Converter. The lessons learned creating these state-of-the-art components suggested ways in which we could advance our direct drive concept to a higher level of performance. Brinkmann proudly introduces Taurus: the finest direct drive turntable we know how to build. 

Like Oasis and Bardo, Taurus features our bespoke, magnetic field motor, built to Brinkmann’s proprietary design specifications. Our unique „Soft“ speed control and platter are likewise retained; however, that’s where the similarities end. Built on a massive 40mm thick Duraluminum chassis inspired by Balance, Taurus delivers deeper, more visceral bass combined with the dynamic agility and forward drive which characterize all Brinkmann direct drive turntables. Taurus‘ chassis has been resonance-optimized to banish mechanical noise and enable the deep-black background for which Brinkmann turntables are renowned. In a further homage to our statement turntable, Taurus offers wireless speed selection via an engraved aluminum disc reminiscent of Balance’s hard-wired control."


Tonearm bases Available for virtually all tonearms of 9“ to 12‘‘ length. Brinkmann’s
Proprietary “Collar System” facilitates exchange and adjustment of tonearms.
Drive Platter driven directly by magnetic field motor with “Soft” proportional speed control
Power supply External “Performance” solid state power supply (Standard).
RöNt vacuum tube power supply (Optional).
Bearing Lubricated precision, hydrodynamic journal bearing is quiet and maintenance-free
Platter Massive, 10 kg Alloy Platter with recess-mounted,
Planar-polished Crystal glass mat facilitates cleaning and improves performance
Chassis 40 mm Duraluminum with resonance-optimized geometry
Connectors RCA, XLR or feed-through keyway for tonearms with 5-pin DIN connectors
Dimensions 420 x 320 x 100 mm (w x d x h)
Weight Total 22 kg (Chassis 12 kg, Platter 10 kg); Power Supply 3.2 kg
Optional Accessories Granite Base, Custom HRS Isolation Base, RöNt Tube Power Supply