Distributed Audio

Think of distributed audio like the lights in the ceiling of your home. In each room you project lighting on the areas you use. The sofas and chairs in your living room, the counters and island in your kitchen or the table in your dining room. Distributed audio should be treated exactly the same way . By strategically placing speakers in the ceiling of your home, we can splash music over the areas you use the most.  If done right, you should be able to move from area to area without ever feeling the music is too loud one place and too quiet in the next.

Our team of specialists at The Sound Room can design a system that can bring music to all corners of your home without drawing attention to itself. We can let you to listen to your favourite CDs, play songs and playlists downloaded from the internet and wirelessly stream music from you or your guests phone, tablet, laptop, iPad, iPod or iPhone.

We can also bring the wonders of internet radio to your home. All your favourite local radio stations are available and will never drop out because of bad weather. Travel the world listening to music from lands far and wide. How about TSF Jazz in Paris, France or Stylz FM in Kingston Jamaica, BBC Radio 4 in London, England or RTHK classical radio in Hong Kong. You can return to your favourite vacation spot or listen to your favourite station from your home town, whether it be in Canada or anywhere in the world. All easily accessed from you favourite device

Streaming music services are all the rage. Listen to preselected playlists from one service or stream your favourite Van Morrison album from another. Some are free and some have a small monthly charge. You can easily choose which services you want and which you don't. Some offer MP3 quality sound which is not bad but others like"Deezer" and "Tidal" give you CD quality sound, which sounds way better than MP3.

We can do all this with a simple and easy app on your favourite Smart Phone, Tablet, MAC or PC. So simple even the most chronic technophobe can operate you system without any stress.

We can also distribute the sound from your TV too. Your watching the hockey and you want to hear the sound in the kitchen or the dining room or even on the deck. We can make simple for you to hear the game without cranking up the TV.

We can provide elegant built in and wireless speaker solutions from Sonos, Sonance, Savant Systems, Paradigm, Golden Ear, Revel and Definitive Technolgies.

The Sound Room has a team of fully certified technicians with many years of experience. We can provide you with full technical drawings for your for you archives. We can interface seamlessly with the builder and the trades on the job site.

Sonance, Sonos, Savant, RTi