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Venom-X RCA

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*Priced in USD*

An integrated VENOM-X system of cables delivers performance that rivals any other SOTA cable system — often at less than one-quarter of the cost. VENOM-X cables are specifically designed to deliver jaw-dropping performance in systems of all types, whether solid-state, digital, tube and analog. Even right out of the box, one listen to the VENOM-X interconnects, speaker cables and digital cables will convince even the most hardened skeptics of their inherent design pedigree and performance.

  • Conductors: Silver-copper alloy
  • Dielectric: Fluorocarbon
  • Connectors: Platinum Plated Copper

Current price listed for Venom-X 1.5M                                                                    

For additional length, add $50/0.25m                                                               

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