Devialet Phantom - Wireless Streaming Audio System

Silver Phantom

Wireless music system

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Wireless music system

"This is the Wi-Fi music system you’ve been waiting for" Wired Magazine

They most ground breaking audio product to be launched this decade. Combining the most elegant form with an astonishing sound. This tiny speaker can produce deep and dynamic bass plus rock concert sound pressure levels (105dB) from an enclosure less than a 11 inches long and 14 inches deep.

Silver Phantom maybe small but it weighs 14kg and packs a 3000 watt ADH amplifier.  It combines a true three way hermetically sealed enclosure, full network streaming, full DSP and top line Ti 24bit/ 192 Khz Digital to Analog converters. This is state of the art engineering.

The Silver Phantom is a wireless music and movie system which can stream music from your home computer music library, a UPNP network drive, a tablet or a smart phone.

Silver Phantom can stream music services like Tidal, Deezer, Qobuz and others.  

Silver Phantom can access up to 100,000+ radio stations world wide.  

Silver Phantom can be used as a single speaker or add the dialogue hub and now you can have a true stereo sound or attach a video source and voila you can run 5 and enjoy 5.1 theatre surround sound.

Up to 24 Phantoms and Silver Phantoms can be used in multiple rooms playing different services or all playing the same thing.

Table top, countertop, cabinet top placement or add the optional Branch Stands for an elegant floor standing solution.

Silver Phantom is engineered and manufactured in France to the most exacting standards.  Craftsmanship which rivals some of the words most exotic watch makers.