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Over ear headphones

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Over ear headphones

What could possibly be more intimate than listening to music through headphones? ADL engineers are currently working on an answer to that but so far no word! It’s just you and the sound in your head.

Headphones are in intimate sonic and physical contact with the listener and reveal problems in the audio chain or the headphones themselves! Too many headphones have too much bass, or they’re too bright with a thick, congealed midrange, most are uncomfortable to wear and ultimately fatiguing.

  • Dynamic closed-back circumaural headphones
  •     High noise attenuation and low distortion tailor-made diaphragms
  •     40mm extra-large high-flux α (Alpha –Cryo treated) magnet
  •     Ring between voice-coil and diaphragm keeps ultra-high-frequencies in phase
  •     Excellent transient response from extremely light-weight coils of copper-coated special aluminum alloy wire
  •     Furutech nonmagnetic rhodium-plated stereo α (Alpha) mini XLR socket, Included in package
  •     3.0 meter cable and gold-plated 1/8”(3.5mm) to 1/4”(6.3mm) adapter