Class G stereo integrated amplifier

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Class G stereo integrated amplifier

Arcam’s A49 integrated amplifier represents the pinnacle of Arcam’s audio engineering. We set out to incorporate everything we have learnt in almost 40 years to deliver an amplifier that will set new standards and provide class leading sound quality for the best possible reproduction of your music.

Featuring Class G circuit topology, the A49 can deliver pure 50 watts of Class A performance, yet it is able to produce a massive 200 watts into an 8Ω speaker or when connected to a 4Ω impedance speaker up to 400 watts of clean authoritative power. The A49 has an super short signal path eliminating insertion losses and utilizes a dual mono volume control eliminating cross talk. The attention to detail in this ground breaking amplifier design is unmatched.  The sonic results speak for themselves.

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