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The ActivXO is the long-awaited and thoroughly updated replacement for Wilson’s revolutionary Controller. It is a two-channel, fully analogue electronic crossover with an array of features. It can be used in conjunction with a dedicated music system, or as the subwoofer control unit in a home theater system. In systems used for enjoyment of music and surround film, the ActivXO is configurable to accommodate both —optimally and simultaneously. 

The ActivXo accepts both single-ended and balanced inputs, and can output to one or a stereo pair of subwoofers for the most demanding applications. It can be used with any of Wilson’s subwoofers, and is included with the purchase of the WAMM Master Chronosonic.


  • Inputs: Balanced and single-ended, Processor
  • Outputs: High-pass, balanced and single-ended, 2 stereo Low-pass, balanced and single-ended, 2 mono


  • Input Impedance: 22k ohms single-ended, 50k ohms bal.
  • Low Pass Filter: Level & Frequency (30 to 150 Hz) Adjustable, 12 dB or 18 dB/Octave
  • High Pass Filter: Level & Frequency (30 to 150 Hz) Adjustable, 6 dB or 12 dB/Octave
  • Phase: 0 - 180 degrees, continuously variable

Overall Dimensions

  • Width: 18.8 in. (482mm)
  • Height: 4.5 in (155.4mm) - Includes feet
  • Depth: 11.5 in. (287.4mm) - Includes knobs
  • Weight: 16.75 lbs (7.6 kg)
  • Shipping (approx): 2 lbs. (10 kg)