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Benchmark DAC1 USB

The DAC1 USB (USB DAC) is a reference-quality, 2-channel 192-kHz 24-bit digital-to-analog audio converter featuring Benchmark's Advanced USB Audio™ technology, UltraLock™ clock system, and HPA2™ headphone power amplifier.


Red Rose Music Rose Bud

1-2 speakers in pristine condition - Designed and engineered by Mark Levinson. Featuring specially developed Ribbon tweeter-1 pair available

$700.00 per pair

Audio Research SP-6A pre-amp

Recently seviced - excellent condition


Pro-Ject Pre Box DS pre-amp with remote



Pro-Ject Head Box DS headphone amplifier/DAC



Harmonic Tech digital cable $80.00

Devialet 200 integrated amplifier/DAC with remote/box


Revel C30 Performa center speaker $750.00

Klipsch Speaker Package- Ref IV RS42 surround speakers, RC35 center speaker, KSW15 subwoofer











Sonos Bridge


$30.00 each (qty.1)

Nordost Qx2 power product


$1250.00 (retail $2159.00) "2 units available"

Nordost Qx4 power product



$1750.00 (retail $3239.00)



Heco Odeon Surround 1 speakers $150.00 a pair

B&W 685 S2 bookshelf speakers-Black finish $500.00 a pair

Atlantic Technology 4.5C centre speaker $80.00

Atlantic Technology 4.5 speakers $160.00 a pair

Magnum Dynalab Etude-Black finish $600.00

Paradigm Studio Monitors-Black finish-Full Range Towers-$800.00 a pair  

Yamaha YSP-5100 sound bar with wall bracket $1200.00 (Mint condition)

B&o BeoSystem 1 processor with Beo4 remote/transceiver eye $350.00

B&o BeoLab 7-2 center speaker (silver) with wall mount $1250.00

Anthem TLP 1 pre-amp-Silver finish-$400.00

Musical Fidelity MC 4 speakers-Black $350.00 with metal stands

Golden Ear Aon 2 bookshelf speakers $680.00 a pair  


Pioneer SDC1K center speaker



Magnum Dynalab MD 606 (upgrade to 609) Triode XM Satellite Radio


Krell Home Theater Standard Pre-Amp Processor



Myrad MA360 3 channel amplifier


Episode Sound Bar 30 LCR







Devialet Gecko Wall Bracket (for Phantom speaker)



$199.00 each (retail $295.00 each)

JBL Wireless Kit - WEM-1




Millson Technologies home theatre console

  • Integra DTR 50.2 7.1 AV Receiver
  • Sony Blu-Ray
  • Motorola PVR
  • Sonance Centre Speaker
  • Sonance Dual 8 inch Subwoofer
  • Powerline Conditioning
  • AV/Gaming Plate
  • Beautiful High gloss White Millwork


Kimber KCTG 1M Balanced interconnect

New $2375

Used $1600.00

Demo units and clearance models

Coming very soon!