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Pro-Ject Pre Box DS pre-amp with remote



Devialet 200 integrated amplifier/DAC with remote/box


Nordost Qx2 power product


$1250.00 (retail $2159.00) "2 units available"

Nordost Qx4 power product



$1750.00 (retail $3239.00)



Heco Odeon Surround 1 speakers $150.00 a pair

Atlantic Technology 4.5C centre speaker $80.00

Atlantic Technology 4.5 speakers $160.00 a pair

Yamaha YSP-5100 sound bar with wall bracket $1000.00 (Mint condition)

Magnepan MG1.6

In good condition and work great. 

"...Sound quality has fabulous neutrality, even tonality, low coloration and magnificent freedom from boxiness. It's great with acoustic and classical material."
By Paul Messenger, January 08, 2010, Hi-Fi Choice 


Musical Surrounding Nova Phonomena Phono Preamplifier

"The Nova Phenomena will be my new reference for both performance and price." 


Joseph Audio RM25si

"The Joseph Audio RM25si is a 46" tall, 8.5" wide, one foot deep floorstanding, advanced design, full range beauty of a loudspeaker."


B&o BeoSystem 1 processor with Beo4 remote/transceiver eye $300.00

B&o BeoLab 7-2 center speaker (silver) with wall mount $1000.00

Musical Fidelity MC 4 speakers-Black $400.00

Definitive Technology Mythos 6 speakers $500.00 a pair


Accuphase DC-300

Preamplifier With fully Digital Signal Processing
From the outside, the DC-300 looks like a conventional analog preamplifier, but internally, there are significant differences. All adjustments such as volume, balance, tone control,loudness compensation, etc, are made in the digital domain, using a 48-bit signal path and highly advanced Accuphase DSP technology. Immediately before output. The signal is converted into analog form by an MMB type D/A converter. 

Original Price $21,000.00


Mark Levinson No.431

"The two-channel Mark Levinson No.431 is 3.51" shorter, 1" deeper, 0.2" wider, and 7 lbs lighter than the No.334, while rated to deliver almost twice the power into 8 and 4 ohms. In fact, one can stack two No.431s in the space required for one No.334." - Larry Greenhill  |  May 22, 2005


Magnum Dynalab MD 606 (upgrade to 609) Triode XM Satellite Radio


Krell Home Theater Standard Pre-Amp Processor



Episode Sound Bar 30 LCR







JBL Wireless Kit - WEM-1




Millson Technologies home theatre console

  • Integra DTR 50.2 7.1 AV Receiver
  • Sony Blu-Ray
  • Motorola PVR
  • Sonance Centre Speaker
  • Sonance Dual 8 inch Subwoofer
  • Powerline Conditioning
  • AV/Gaming Plate
  • Beautiful High gloss White Millwork


Kimber KCTG 1M Balanced interconnect

New $2375

Used $1600.00

Demo units and clearance models

Coming very soon!